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Toolwrap is a wrapper tool (a program which starts other program), which may be used to launch applications according to defined preferences (or policies). Thanks to toolwrap, many releases of a given application can coexist, and may be deployed on a single workstation or made available on a files server. Policy files allow different users to use different versions transparently. Environment files control which binaries to use and prepare the environment before starting the application.


26 Apr 05: toolwrap-1.0.0 released !

Minor enhancements (see ChangeLog). Documentation updates. First stable release, please report bugs and ask the toolwrap-users mailing-list! 

29 mar 05: toolwrap-0.2 released !

This new release fixes some minor bugs (see ChangeLog). RPM, source RPM & tarballs of this new release are available for download.

16 mar 05: toolwrap-0.1 released !

Get toolwrap-0.1 now !! Please note that this code is still considered alpha quality, meaning it is still a work in progress. If you want the latest code, you can get it from the CVS repository or browse the code online .

11 mar 05:  CVS populated.
initial import in CVS repository. Please test and report success or failure !

Getting toolwrap

All files releases are available here. Use CVS to get the latest source code revision. See details here.


A reference guide is available. The toolwrap-users mailing lists is another good way to request help or share ideas around toolwrap.

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