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4. Policy files: package selection

Policies files are used by toolwrap to resolve which package holds a given tool name.

4.1 Policy file format

Format of these files is fairly simple:

                PACKAGE-NAME : TOOL1 [TOOL2 [TOOL3 ...] ]

If you take a look at the policy file created by in the previous example, you should read:

  # toolwrap policy file for package hello-world-1.0



This is a sample policy file created for GNU aspell:

  # toolwrap policy file for package aspell-0.60.2

  aspell-0.60.2: word-list-compress aspell prezip-bin run-with-aspell aspell-import prezip preunzip precat pspell-config

Comment and empty lines are ignored.

4.2 General vs user policies files

toolwrap read the following files during the package resolution :

This enables user defined policies to override global settings.

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