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5. Environment files: environment setup

Environment files goals:

5.1 Files format

env-prepend VARIABLE VALUE
env-append  VARIABLE VALUE
env-set     VARIABLE VALUE

requires    PACKAGE-NAME

env-prepend, env-append and env-set prepends, appends or sets the VALUE to the given environment VARIABLE. requires includes the environment of PACKAGE-NAME to the current environment.

5.2 Special variables

5.3 The __default__ environment file.

This file is used when no specific package environment file is found.

# generic environment file

# tells toolwrap which binary to execute


# standard environment set up
# Note: these variables should always be prepended to to current environment
env-prepend  PATH            ${TOOLWRAP_PKGROOT}/bin
env-prepend  MANPATH         ${TOOLWRAP_PKGROOT}/man
env-prepend  INFOPATH        ${TOOLWRAP_PKGROOT}/info

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